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Site Prep

You are responsible to have a level site prepared to set the building on when the driver gets there. 

Within 6” of grade. 

It is very important that the area is open 6’ on each Gable End and 2’ on each side of the building

so the mule can maneuver.

The mule can not jump high curbing or blocking.  Such as retaining walls.  

Once the driver gets to the location they will unload the building in the street and place wheels under one side and then maneuver the building with the mule to the location. 

We can not pick a buildings up over a fence. 

All fencing must be removed.  Before the driver arrives.  We do offer a build on site option. 

If at anytime the building is not deliverable a restocking fee will be charged. 

A second attempt to deliver will also be charged a trip charge from driver.  

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