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 Site Preparation Guide

Please read carefully and consider all the information before picking a shed site. When purchasing a building you are contracting with Everlast Portable Buildings to deliver to your site a fully assembled unit. This is accomplished by driving a pickup truck and trailer loaded with the unit on to the street and unloading it,  Once the building is unloaded it will be placed in your location with a mule.   You can watch a video of delivery here: https://www.boondocksbarns.com/deliveryvideo   We do our utmost not to cause damage to our customers property, but there are times when it does happen! Please read Property Damage Waiver carefully then sign it.  The Property Damage Waiver will also be needed when crossing neighbors property. 


Location: Things to consider. 1) What will be the primary purpose of your new shed? 2) Will you need access daily, weekly, monthly? 3) Will you be using your shed for storage, workshop, gardening? a) storage – usually does not have to be close to house. b) workshop – do you need electric in shed or near it. c) potting shed – is the water source near? Access: It will do no good to pick a site that is not accessible to our truck and trailer so here are a few guidelines: Truck and trailer are 8’6” wide, the shed will be the widest thing coming into your yard, and normally we will need 4’ more for clearance. You must consider things such as: Trees, limbs, wires, fences, wet areas, septic tanks, and plantings. Height requirements will be from 10’ to 13’6” depending on shed purchased. Some low wires can be pushed up ( phone and cable) Heavy electric lines are more difficult. Tree limbs should be trimmed prior to delivery.   Wet areas, septic tank, plantings: These problems can usually be taken care of with some common sense, if the ground is soft we wait for a day it’s hard, plantings can be removed by you if your worried about them.


Level: Your site should be as flat as possible, with good drainage. Things like rocks, stumps, tree roots, sprinkler heads all should be removed from the area. Hills and sloping terrain also should be considered. Please walk your property like your driving a truck 14’ high and whatever width your shed is plus 4’. If you have a question of access we may ask for pictures before an onsite check is done. This is done when we are in the area so please mark off your desired shed location, contact us with shed size and style you have chosen, then we’ll take a look and let you know. If access is not possible we can arrange for build on site construction. This option will run a bit more but it will get a shed to the site you choose when no access is available.


Leveling: Your best way of leveling a shed is a bed of crushed stone 6" of CA-6  will do a world of good to keep your shed level, dry and stable. The pad should be 2’ more than the size of the shed. Please do not use pea stone or bank run, as it does not stay where put and it allows the 4x4’s to sink into stone. The key to a good stone pad is getting it level. Laser levels, string lines, level and 2x4 whatever method used, get it level! We will have to drive onto the pad with the mule , so a tamped pad is best. Professionally Done: Everlast Portable Buildings does have a team that will install the stone pad for you. There is an additional charge and it will depend on size, and how level the site is to start with.


Permits: Towns  and Counties can require a permit for shed installation, some towns allow up to certain size w/o charging you for a permit. Most will charge and have certain criteria you must comply with. We can give you basic guidelines but you will have to check with your local building department for exact requirements. PERMITS ARE THE RESPONSIBLITY OF THE LAND OWNER.

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